Additional, the resource such as rich technology, talent, capital is head platform advantage, should support them to watch the new pattern such as the shadow, new experience to go up to explore seeing and hearing actively in interactive program, VR " play a way newly "

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Latent capacity needs to promote form of consumptive new job inside mining epidemic situation of current whole world still is developing, the exterior risk that China faces challenges apparent increase, domestic economy restores to still face pressure, drive economy to return to normalization growth to need to give greater effort in the roundIn the meantime, 1 trillion yuan of special national debt will be in will issue before the bottom in July end, respect of debt of common national debt, place still also has not little supply pressure, in short-term inside or form greater fluidity to absorb pressure to area of bank system capital

What this tool uses is more alsoSo beautiful couplet store does sequel adopt yield curve to control likely? What kind of effect does this policy have again? The article will give in the light of above problem solveGuo Chenghua: Abbreviation SLO, so a tool

Guo Chenghua: The 2nd measure is last year in August, namely in August 2019 portion, chinese Central Bank announces to perfect the reform of LPR of interest rate of loan market quoted price at that timeAbove all we know open market operation firstEstate develops investment to promote continuously in recent years, become pull the substantial that moves fixed assets investment and economic growth