41% , course of study of lithium of sharp edge of A of this age predestined relationship, Zhang Yu, another name for Jiangxi Province, piece of Maotai of young Huang, Guizhou go up all exceed 30%Zhang Ming anticipates before this, add finance natural resources newly to should occupy GDP 5% the left and right sides5 trillion yuan respectively, 23

ThankSH) explain buyThe first is Sino-US problemgovFace new coronal the concussion of arise suddenly of pneumonic epidemic situation and influence, vigorous finance policy wants more active promising, can say, the plan of policy of tax of wealth of this one a complete set of is each respect course serious research, calculate repeatedly, integrated balance just comes down certainly, with Chinese economy development and debt risk prevent the need that accuse match17:30:23 Li Kejiang: There is boundless creativity in peopleDoes huge nation medium and small businesses develop attraction fund whether alleviate achieve collect invest an enterprise " difficult " with medium and small businesses " is financing difficult " problem? Firm amount to You Jinbai of capital president, virgin copartner to express, on one hand, this second nation medium and small businesses develops fund to use linkage of Mu Ziji gold, can develop a mother not only fund and child of fund in coordination linkage effect, still can mix in mother fund respectively child two levels draw fund multivariate the affiliation of socialization capital

Net of official of Chinese people bank releases a message 25 days to express, the people bank balance sheet that falls to be brought about definitely is contractive, not only won't make monetary supply is tightened up, have very powerful outspread effect instead, this and beautiful couplet store etc develop economic system Central Bank reduces bond hold to measure " shrink watch " it is to tighten up a money antipodalExpand inside need to already rose for major strategy, focusing moves significant investment and consumption at pullingThe public can offer feedback opinion through the following way and means: The email: [email protected] commodity such as iron ore, crude oil, natural gas, soja imports a quantity to increase, heavy goods entrance all drops under valence give priority to4% , with on the month keeps balance, show our country enterprise produces operation to be improved steadily(Chinese net) office of news of the State Council on May 24, 2020 (Sunday) in the morning 10 when hold a press conference, ask a country to develop innovation appoint vice director Ning Ji Introduction is solid had done " 6 firm " " 6 protect " the job, do all one can finishs annual economy society to develop goal assignment to concern a situation, answer the reporter asks2% , market supply and demand picks up faster