We can consider the relevant case such as dimensions of each different province population seriously, support is saved every (area, city) the cure of Chinese and Western that relies on local Gao Shuiping medical establishment, transform upgrade to arrive the cure base of 3 major information about and appraisal of an epidemicLook at present, this one domain is the main field that state-owend enterprise reform can obtain conclusive positive result as soon as possible likely, governmental working report includes his this year, it is to be based on this one consideration apparently

6% compared to the same period, occupy proportion of social consumable total volume of retail sales to achieve 24Go up fall to 81% pork price successive 4 months drop pork rises in price is this round of prices those who rise is main shove a hand, nature of pork price fall can cause apparent effect to CPI


Want to raising basis of duty-free shopping quota to go up, clutch perfect and relevant policy and standard of admittance of market main body, drive Hainan international travel to consume a center to build energetically0% interval wide cutHe Lifeng enters afore-mentioned activitiesIf Chinese economy can return the level before epidemic situation inside year, the provisionality unemployment that this means epidemic situation concussion to fall, market is microcosmic main body lives catenary of pressure, industry supplies phenomenon of catenary suffocate suffocate to will get alleviating effectively, economy won't get endurance is traumatic, economic structure won't appear serious unbalance, economic society develops main goal to be able to be finished as scheduled, and epidemic situation brings about economic bluff type enjoys growth first quarter will be brief, one-time36 trillion